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SuitPlay Program - Help

Main screen

The main screen consists of four parts: Suit Combination, Results, Play, and Tricks

Suit Combination

Here you find you suit combination. If you used advanced options, you will find them here too.


After a successful computation, you will find the main results here. In the first column, you will find various goals. A goal with a number indicates that number of tricks. The next column contains percentages and the last column contains lines of play, denoted by capital letters. In the example above: for 5 tricks (Goal = 5) the maximum probability of success is 26.5652% when using the optimal line of play, denoted by the letter A; For 4 tricks the best line is B and the probability of success is 82.7826%. There is always one special goal denoted either mp-best (default) or imp-best (advanced option four). The line(s) denoted in this row are best if we compare lines of play according to the indicated method. See more about comparing lines of play here. There may be a final goal called "max". Those are the lines with maximum expectation of number of tricks. This goal will only be displayed when the set of optimal lines for "max" is not the same as the set for mp-best of imp-best. You can obtain the expected number of tricks for all lines via "Strat x Goal table ..." in the "Analyses"-menu.


In this part you can find out what the lines, indicated with a capital letter in the results table mean. If there are more than one line, you have to select one first. Then you start playing by typing cards after "Play:". Only underlined cards are allowed. For the defenders, these are all valid cards. For North-South, the underlined cards are the only "good" cards. This means, you have to play one of the underlined cards in order to get the results that belong to the chosen line. There are some special characters. The character "-" means void. The character "x" means the smallest underlined card. If you want to close a trick, you can press "Enter" or ";". In the example above, line C is chosen. The first trick starts "2" from South and "6" from West. Now "T98" are underlined. So line C starts with "small towards the ten".


In this part you find all East-West distribution, together with their number of cases (#), probability and for every line op play, their number of tricks. That number of tricks is the number of tricks that can be guaranteed with this line of play against every possible defence, including false cards.
You can change the order by clicking on the column headers. If you want to compare the number of trick of two lines, say A and C, you may find it useful to sort first on C and then on A.

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