Meets every Thursday at 7.25 for 7.30
at Mountnessing Village Hall, Roman Road, Mountnessing, Essex, England, CM15 0UG

Ladies’ and Men’s Championship Pairs and Open Pairs

Past custom had been to run the club as three separate sections for these events. Given

the current usual number of tables at the club – typically 14 to16 – it is not viable to

run them in this way any longer, so the format now is as follows:

There will be a draw for starting position, but with the caveat that pairs that include a player with limited mobility and who notify me in advance will be given a randomly drawn guaranteed fixed seat, arranged in advance.

Whenever feasible, some appropriate variation on a Mitchell movement will be deployed

to avoid too much ‘moving around’. There may be share(s) and / or a relay depending on table numbers. It may be necessary to deploy a non-Mitchell movement or adjusted Mitchell movement in one or both sections to ensure that all players encounter the same set of boards.

The movement actually deployed may need to be some kind of compromise in order to avoid 3-board sit-outs.

The results will be expressed in a single overall ranking. The winners of the Ladies’ Pairs Championship will be deemed to be the highest placed all-lady pair, and they will receive the cup. Similarly for the Men’s Championship and the Open event, though there is no cup

for the Open event. Wine will be awarded to the winners of all three events

Past practice has been to award Local Points at the 'District' level, but this action is no longer feasible.

The boards will be pre-dealt – usually using hands created by the ScoreBridge-linked program called SB Dealer. Hand layouts will be available for all players, and they will also be merged into the travellers when the results are published on the club’s website.

Table money for all players will be as advertised – so typically for members that will be the same as for a standard club night. The club will absorb the additional costs associated with hand dealing, extra wine prizes, and trophy engraving.

All three events are open to non-members.

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