Meets every Thursday at 7.25 for 7.30
at Mountnessing Village Hall, Roman Road, Mountnessing, Essex, England, CM15 0UG

MOBILE PHONE POLICY (Updated 15/01/2011)

Most people would agree that it is irritating to hear a mobile phone ring while the club is in session. A ringing phone is not only irritating but it can also disrupt concentration. Further, most people would agree that it is discourteous to answer a call in a manner that disrupts normal play. Members are asked to SWITCH OFF phones while the club is in session; if a phone really has to be left on then it should be set to 'silent' mode.

In order not to spoil others' enjoyment, the club operates this policy:

This policy will be applied by the Director on the night, who will take note of any mitigating circumstances before applying it.

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