3 Inter Club Challenge
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2006 - 2015

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Affiliated to the Essex Contract Bridge Association and to the English Bridge Union



  1. The series will comprise four matches played monthly between October 2013 and January 2014, with the venue alternating between the two clubs.
  2. In each match in the series, two teams of four from each of the two clubs will each play 12-board matches against the two teams from the other club.
  3. Links to the full results will be carried on the Club's 2013/14 results page. (updated 27/09/2016)
  4. The overall series winner will be the club that scores the higher number of points totalled over the four individual matches and also totalled over the club's two teams.
  5. Points will be awarded to each team on the basis of rank order: 1st = 4 points, 2nd = 3 points, etc.
  6. The two matches played at Mountnessing will contribute to the season long ladder and 'player of the month' awards, using the club's standard method for calculating ladder points for teams events - see here.
  7. Table money will be payable at the host club's standard members' rate.
  8. For the two matches at Mountnessing, wine will be awarded to each of the four members of the 1st place team

Mountnessing Teams

Green Team

There is a pool of seven players-
Joan & George McGuffin, Barbara Osborn, Ray Lenger, Judith Loveridge, Nick Hunt, Sue Thorburn. Team for the first match on October 17th: Barbara, Ray, Judith & Nick

Yellow team

Catriona Lovett, Mike Harbour, Colin Ryan, Keith Nichol

Results & Current Standings

DatePoints Scored
Points Scored
Southend & Leigh
17/10/2013 (Mountnessing)46
20/11/2013 (Leigh)73
12/12/2013 (Mountnessing) CANCELLED
16/01/2014 (Mountnessing)37
End of Series Total [After 3 matches]1416

The winners of the Challenge Series are Southend & Leigh Bridge Club!!!!!

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