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NEWS AND GOSSIP: February to May 2007

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Presentation of trophies, May 24th 2007

Alaric presents the Faye Wernick Trophy to Tessa Beer At the start of the evening, Alaric presented the Faye Wernick Trophy (Ladies' ladder, 2006/7) to Tessa Beer and the Club Captain, Roger Tattersfield, presented the Lionel Wernick Trophy (Men's Ladder, 2006/7) to Alaric Cundy.

The final ladder standings for 2006/7 are available via this link.

Roger Tattersfield presents the Lionel Wernick Trophy to Alaric Cundy

Presentation of trophies, May 17th 2007

At the start of the evening, Alaric presented the Margaret Curtis Trophy (Ladies' Pairs Championship) and the Peter Seaton Cup (Men's Pairs Championship) to Val Clifford & Maureen Vede and David Clark & Dennis Valtisiaris respectively.

The full results are available via these links: Ladies', Men's.

The winners!  Dennis & David and Maureen & Val with their trophies

Bedfordshire Green-Pointed Swiss Teams, May 13th 2007

Many congratulations to club members Sid Prince and the previous proprietor of the club, Lionel Wernick, who played in the team that won the Bedfordshire Green-Pointed Swiss Teams event on May 13th.

Simultaneous Pairs Event, January 25th 2007

Several members have enquired about the availability of the national master points for this event. I have contacted the organisers and her reply is reproduced below:
There weren't any, Alaric - that event is played strictly for fun and to raise money for the charity. We didn't award points, and so nothing was sent out!
all the best
Dorothy and I are aware that Simultaneous Pairs events are not to everyone's liking. We are 'signed up' to a number of them in 2007, but we will be more selective from 2008 onwards as to which ones get into the MBC calendar. Some people like the Simultaneous Pairs events, for a variety of reasons, including
  • Donations to Charity
  • Large numbers of Local Points that may be won
  • Hand booklets

Others are less enthusiastic, the main reason given is that they are suspicious of the 'funny hands'. We will seek to balance these contrasting viewpoints

Issue of Local Points in 2007/8

I am now in a position to award Local Points by quarterly direct credits to the EBU, and in general I will no longer be issuing paper local point certificates. Your 'points' will automatically be uploaded to the EBU every quarter, i.e. in July, October, January, and April. This approach saves me in administration time, and makes a small contribution towards preserving a few more trees! Potentially it also saves you the effort of assembling them and submitting them to the the EBU.

If you are NOT a member of the EBU, you will still get points printed every three months, though they will have no value to you unless you join the EBU within three years. If you do not want your Local Points printed please let me know (alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk).

Checking details

A provisional membership list for 2007/8 is on display on club nights. Please check your details for transcription errors, etc. I plan to give each member of the club a copy of this list at the end of April.

There is also a list of EBU numbers covering both members and non-members. Please check these details. Any errors may result in your local points from the club being credited to someone else.

Ladder awards for 2006/7

Many congratulations to Tessa Beer, who is the first winner of the Faye Wernick Trophy. Under the pre-set rules for the competition for 2006/7 I finished up as the first winner of the The Lionel Wernick Trophy. I need to offer commiserations to Alan Eames, who may well have won the trophy had he played on just one more occasion in order to meet the minimum qualifying requirement, and I would like to express my grateful thanks to my regular partner, Chris Megahey, without whose considerable contribution my season average would have been much lower


A psyche was recorded at the club on 29/03/2007. Please click here for details. (user name and password required)

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