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There are nearly 1000 pages on this website. The list below focuses on 'Primary' pages, from which you will find links to all of the other pages. Please use the 'search this site' facility in the Green Bar above if you cannot spot what you are looking for.
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both external links to specific pages on the EBU website and also links to EBU documents that have been copied into this website. In particular there is a direct link to the EBU Member area, where you can check your master point standing and the details held about you by the EBU.
PRIMARY PAGES Comments, summary of contents, and key sub-pages
Appeal Decisions This section includes all recent rulings.
About The Club Notes specifically for potential visitors to the club, including notes about the club venue and partner matching
Calendar - special events Dates for Simultaneous Pairs, Club Championships, and Teams of Four events
Club Membership Benefits of membership and how to join
Contact Us How to get in touch with the club
Convention cards Four standard convention cards that you can download and edit, PLUS notes about specific conventions that you might like to add or take away.
Developing Bridge Skills This page comprises an index of links to articles (mostly) by eminent Bridge writers on various topics associated with Bidding, Declarer Play, and Defence.
Director's Page Club policies, practices and guidelines for players that apply to club nights, including mobile phones (updated slow passes alerts and announcements (updated best behaviour (updated
Document Index An alphabetic list of all the documents that are 'attached' to this website. Note that some components referenced from here are held within the club's Members' Area - username and password required.
EBU Links
Essex CBA Website This feature provides a link to the Essex website, with a return path back to the MBC website
Error messages explained Error pages that you may see, what they mean, and what you should do.
Featured Hands Individual featured hand reports
Home Page Current news, headlines, up and coming events, and other messages
Honours And Awards The current trophy holders, past winners, the club's record in the NICKO and in Essex invitational events
How To Find Us Directions to the club venue
Ladder Current Year The ladder table for the current year (the top 50 positions)
Members' Noticeboard Members adverts and notices [free service for club members]
News and Gossip Club history and achievements since September 2006
Next Teams of Four Check the date, current entries, and playing arrangements
Other Local Clubs A quick route to websites for other clubs in the locality
Play with the odds To a large degree, long term success at the Bridge Table is all about 'playing with the odds'. If you are in the happy position where your contract is 'cast iron' then the odds may not be relevant, but even then you might faces choices about lines of play for an overtrick. This page is expected to evolve over time but here to start you off is a useful table of facts and figures that has been developed from an original provided by club member Dr Nigel Cundy.
Player of the Month - Current The top 50 places for the current calendar month
Player of the Month - History Current month leader (s) and previous winners since inception in October 2006
Report Book (Psyches, etc) [M] [Requires username and password] This link gives access to a complete index to all the psyches that have ever been recorded at the club, plus detailed reports on the more recent ones (11 onwards). The manual psyche book, which additionally includes details of psyches 1 to 10, is available for inspection on club nights. Please also refer to the club's policy concerning psyches and other related notes that are accessible through links on The Director's Page
Results - Current Year Weekly results for the current membership year (since April 1st)
Results & Ladder Quick links to weekly results, current ladder tables, and to the final ladder tables for each year since 2006/07
SuitPlay analysis program This is the second version of a freeware program provided by Jeroen Warmerdam (info@suitplay.com) that analyses the best way to play certain combinations of cards in Declarer and Dummy's hands. It is a very ingenious program but it is not very user-friendly; if you need help see the link to the help document below or visit suitplay.com. You will be given the option either to run the program from this website or to download a copy onto your own computer. If necessary see the Help File for SuitPlay
Teams of Four Date and current entry list for the next teams of four event; Teams of four procedures
The Seventy Club A permanent record of all individual scores of 70% or higher at the club since May 2006
Vu-Bridge Though Mountnessing Bridge Club takes no responsibility for the contents of the site, members and visitors may find that the "VuBridge" website holds interest. It features interesting deals, etc. In particular, click here for the VU Bridge latest "hand of the week".

As at December 2011 there are 770 pages on this website, including attached documents. All of them can be accessed via one or other of the 'main pages' listed and linked above. If you cannot spot what you are looking for, please try the 'search this website' link in the green bar above. Some pages are within the "Members' Area" and can only be accessed using a valid username and password. A user name and password is available for all club members, but not for non-members. Passwords are purged at the end of April each year for any members who have not renewed their membership

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