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  1. If you are playing with an unfamiliar partner - such as, with one arranged through the 'Find a Partner' scheme - it could be useful to have a viable 'system card' to download and to agree to play, possibly subject to minor modifications.
  2. You might even find it useful to have a good 'starting point' for a system to play with your regular partner - a card that you can download and evolve over a period of time to suit your personal preferences
  3. You may even be so impressed with one of these cards that you will feel able to download it and adopt it as is for use routinely with your usual partner.
  4. I have also included a 'Pick'n Mix' section of common system variations on a supporting page - HEALTH WARNING : the Pick'n'mix page is currently very embryonic. Club members are invited to contribute to this page, so that we can build up a library of viable conventions that you may wish to adopt.

There are links on this page to FOUR 'Standard' system cards - two originate from the EBU's 'Bridge for All' tuition scheme, a third also originates from the EBU, whereas the fourth has been developed locally. Rather presumptuously, the two more complex cards have been labelled "Mountnessing Standard (Benji)" (or MSB) and "Mountnessing Standard (Multi" (or MSM). All four cards follow the philosophy that an unfamiliar partnership should play a relatively simple system - inevitably nuances will be 'forgotten' at the table if the scheme is too complex.

The cards have been provided in two different formats:

  • Portable Document Format' (PDF) - this version can be downloaded but it cannot be amended, and
  • 'Word 97-2003 Format' (DOC) - this version can be downloaded and opened in many word processing packages, such as most versions of Microsoft WORD and LIBREOFFICE Writer. You can freely edit and save changes on your own computer to this version.


A 'blank' convention card in WORD can be downloaded from the EBU website for you to complete and print out. My own experiences with it:
  • In order to fit even brief comments into the spaces available I had to change the font size - typically down to 8, but sometimes to even less
  • To keep the result looking reasonably tidy, I had to make extensive use of the 'merge cells' and 'split cells' features within LIBREOFFICE Writer or MS WORD
  • You may encounter print problems due to the very tight margins
Label Description / Summary PDF Version WORD Version
Standard English (From Bridge For All) It originates from the EBU's "Bridge for All" tuition scheme and it is based on a simple natural system, including a weak No Trump, traditional ACOL two-level openings, and only the most basic of 'frills' Standard English Card Standard English Card
Traditional ACOL (From Bridge For All) This one also originates from "Bridge for All". The EBU call it 'Modern ACOL'. It is similar to Standard English, including traditional ACOL-style two-level openers, but it is extended to include many common conventions, including transfer bids in response to the 1NT and 2NT openers. Traditional ACOL Card Traditional ACOL Card
MSB (From the EBU) This card originates from the EBU and it is similar to the 'traditional ACOL' scheme, but with 'Benji Style' two level openings. Sophistication can be added as desired. Mountnessing Standard - BENJI Mountnessing Standard - BENJI
MSM (From Mountnessing Bridge Club) This system card summarises a more advanced ACOL-based scheme, with two-level openings based around a 'Multi-coloured 2D opening'. Sophistication can be added as desired. Mountnessing Standard - MULTI Mountnessing Standard - MULTI

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