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Affiliated to the Essex Contract Bridge Association and to the English Bridge Union


The club is run under the auspices of the International Laws of Duplicate Bridge (2007) and the EBU's "Orange Book". If there is any conflict between the contents of this page or any document linked from it, then the order of precedence is firstly the International Laws and secondly the "Orange Book".

The contents of this page have been grouped in one of three ways:

  • "Advisory" documents, which could also be described as "preferences", relate to situations where there is a range of valid options to choose from, and where the club has opted for one particular option. An example is the "Club Standard Movements". "Advisories" may be reviewed and updated from time to time in response to practical experience and feedback from club members.
  • "Guidance" documents relate to one or more specific issues covered by the Laws and / or the Orange Book. Many of them originate from the EBU or other "Higher Authority". An example would be a summary of the guidance about the alerting and announcement rules. Guidance will only be updated to correct errors or to resolve ambiguities or if there is a change to the International Laws or to the Orange Book.
  • "Policy" documents relate mostly to the ambiance at the club and though often related to the Laws or the Orange Book essentially sit outside the technical laws. Many policies relate to issues where there is potential for the enjoyment of the many to be spoilt by the actions of a few. Policy documents differ from advisory notes in that they set out issues that are "less negotiable" and though the club will always listen to the views of members they are less likely to be updated.
Topic Type Date Updated Comments
Alerting of Doubles (1) Guidance Under the new rules there is confusion as to which doubles should be alerted and which do not need to be.
Alerting of Doubles (2) Guidance Some notes based on an article by England International player Jeremy Dhondy.
Announcements and Alerts Guidance Notes relating to the current rules about alerting and announcing.
Announcements (EBU Summary) Guidance The EBU's own summary of the current rules about alerting and announcing - in tabular form.
Behaviour at the Bridge Table Policy Bridge is an extremely enjoyable game. Courteous behaviour is an exceptionally important part of that enjoyment. This guide serves as a brief reminder of how to behave at the bridge table. We are sure that all players naturally follow this code of conduct but there are times when concentration and pressure can take their toll and it is for these situations that we issue this note as a reminder. Please also see the Essex CBA statement.
"Book Rulings" Summary Guidance This handy "aide memoire" was originally constructed by Lionel Wernick, and it has been adopted by other neighbouring clubs as a quick guide to treatment of common irregularities, such as a lead out of turn, insufficient bid, and a revoke. It has been updated to reflect the 2007 changes in the Laws.
Club Standard Movements (Pairs) Advisory Notes about the principles and details governing the choice of movement)s) for a given number of tables. Note the inclusion of 'Appendix Mitchell' movements for 13 - 16 tables; these movements enable a smaller number of boards in play, and hence each pair plays a greater proportion of the total, eg, 24/26 rather than 24/32.
Dummy's Rights and Obligations Guidance A summary as to what Dummy MAY, MUST NOT, and SHOULD do
Irregularities (General Notes) Guidance A general introduction to 'irregularites at the table'. See also the notes on 'Book Rulings', 'Slow Passes' and 'Unauthorised Information'.
Judgement Rulings Guidance A response to three hypothetical queries raised. They illustrate the thought processes that will be adopted by the Director, and explain why these such examples are not always what they may seem.
Ladies, Men's & Open Pairs Advisory In the past the club was big enough to hold three separate events on a single night. With the smaller number of tables that are now attracted to the club, alternative arrangements are necessary.
Law Changes 2008 (1) Guidance A summary of the Law Changes that came into effect in August 2008 - Directors' perspective.
Law Changes 2008 (2) Guidance A summary of the Law Changes that came into effect in August 2008 - Players' perspective
"Mechanical Errors" Guidance What is a 'mechanical error' and up to what point can it be corrected?
Miscellaneous Notes Guidance Covering a range of smaller topics, including 'Scoring Adjustments', 'Conduct of Appeals', and 'False Claims'.
Mobile Phones Policy Most people would agree that it is irritating to hear a mobile phone ring while the club is in session.
Orange Book Changes 2008 Guidance A summary of the changes to "The Orange Book" that became effective in August 2008 - received from the English Bridge Union.
Psyches Policy Informed by advice received from the English Bridge Union, here is an updated statement about PSYCHES. Club members can view the club's psyche book here (username and password required)
Psyches - definition Guidance Compiled from extracts from the Laws and the Orange Book, together with some added comments
Scoring Issues Advisory What happens if something goes wrong with the scoring?
Slow Passes Guidance What is a 'slow pass' and why does it create potential problems?
Slow Play - the consequences Advisory For example, how one pair finishing a round late can affect every other pair in the room
Strong Two Openings - the minimum requirements Guidance Many players would be surprised by the standard EBU definitions...
Teams of Four Advisory Club standard movements, scoring, and wine prizes
Unauthorised Information (1) Guidance What is "Unauthorised Information", how can it arise, and what are the possible consequences?
Unauthorised Information (2) Guidance Illustrative example - kindly provided by club member Mike Graham
Unauthorised Information (3) Guidance Illustrative example - kindly provided by club member Mike Graham

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