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This page is aimed specifically at the ordinary club member who is interested in improving his / her game through studying articles by (mostly) recognised and eminent Bridge writers. This page is sklowly evolving until the complete set of articles becomes available, so please do call back regularly for further updates. This page operates an 'Index Page' to a variety of articles and notes about a range of Bridge topics. Please let alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk know if any of the links fail to work.

You may find more than one article on the same or a similar subject - this situation is intentional, to give the reader several different 'takes' on the same theme. The articles are mostly about bidding styles, but included are some that focus on Declarer Play and Defence. Most of the articles open with the ADOBE READER (DOCUMENT VIEWER for Linux-based operating systems), or equivalent products.
  • I am greatly indebted to Andrew Kambites for permission to reproduce many of his tutorials
  • I have included a link to the Mr Bridge Library.
  • Some of the articles are based on my own teaching notes - author Alaric Cundy
  • Club members are welcome to submit their own articles for inclusion. Please e-mail them to alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk
The articles may be freely printed and shared with other club members (e.g., with those who do not have on-line access).


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Topic Focus Author Comments
Fourth Suit Forcing Bidding Andrew Kambites  
Lebenshol - part 1 Bidding Tim Prior Bidding after the opponents overcall partner's 1NT opening. Also, please see below for an alternative.
Lebenshol - part 2 Bidding Tim Prior Also, please see below for an alternative.
Lebenshol - part 1 Bidding Chris Megahey Bidding after the opponents overcall partner's 1NT opening
Lebenshol - part 2 Bidding Chris Megahey Bidding opposite partner's double of the oppnent's weak 2 opening
Protective Bidding Bidding Andrew Kambites Avoid passing out a hand when partner has values but cannot bid freely
Slam Bidding Bidding Andrew Kambites  
Transfers - Basic Bidding Andrew Kambites Red suit transfers opposite a 1NT opening
Transfers - Advanced Bidding Andrew Kambites More advanced ideas

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