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If you have an interesting hand associated in some way with the club that you would like to present on this page please send an e-mail to alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk. Please include all four hands, vulnerability, board number / section, date, the bidding, and your thoughts on the bidding and play. The editor reserves the right to edit the submitted commentary.

Grovelling apologies

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A number of the hands featured on this page are labelled as 'Board 13'. The idea was - now somewhat lapsed due to other pressures - that it doesn't matter if it was a flat 1NT board or an exhilarating slam that required some master play, or a really neat bit of defence - whatever turns up on the night!

Please note: (nearly) all the links on this page were updated (14/11/2010) in order to facilitate future management of this section. If you get any error messages please let me know - alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk

Date Category Title
Other Two possible slams for both sides - one each should fail, one will make!!
Other If you mess up a conventional bid then often proper Bridge etiquette will take you to a farcical disaster
Other Another fine slam - another fine play....
Other An elegant double squeeze brings home a slam....
Board 13 In a 'doomed' contract, try to confuse your opponents... [Created using LibreOffice]
Other Freezing weather - time for a "frozen suit"... [Created using LibreOffice]
Other The Director's Deal... [Created using LibreOffice]
Other A grand hand... [Created using LibreOffice]
19/11/2010 Other An elegant squeeze to gain a precious overtrick (thanks to Frank Morrison) [Created using LibreOffice]
26/10/2010 Other One to "Dine Out" on... [PDF Format]
23/04/2010 Other Optimism is not recommended at Match-Pointed pairs! [PDF Format]
19/01/2010 Other The Christmas Slam - From the Christmas Party [Display issues]
15/01/2010 Other That was a great save partners, with your 27 high card points... From the Gold Cup [Display issues]
12/10/2009 Other A weird hand - game values, but difficult to bid and difficult to play [Display issues]
25/09/2009 Other An elegant criss-cross squeeze [Display issues]
25/09/2009 Other A 'Baronial' outcome... [Display issues]
25/09/2009 Other Lazy play #2 [Display issues]
25/09/2009 Other Lazy play #1 [Display issues]
04/09/2009 Other A 'grand' way to win the championship! [Created using LibreOffice]
06/08/2009 Other The non-fitter of the year? [PDF Format]
06/08/2009 Other "Points" do not necessarily point accurately! [PDF Format]
06/08/2009 Other Brilliant play- but a pity about the bidding! [PDF Format]
17/07/2009 Other What is the difference between the 8 and the 4? [Display issues]
08/05/2009 Other An opening lead problem... - a hand from the Swiss Pairs, Jersey Congress 2009 [Display issues]
06/03/2009 Board 13 Question the textbooks!!! [Display issues]
22/02/2009 Other Get home safely (on a snowy night) [Display issues]
18/01/2009 Board 13 Off-beat bid sends partner off-course... [Display issues]
09/01/2009 Other An amusing tale - an account provided by Mike Graham [Display issues]
09/01/2009 Other The four suit squeeze - a hand presented by Ian Moss [Display issues]
08/01/2009 Other Christmas Presence where Declarer showed presence of mind at the Christmas Party [Display issues]
30/10/2008 Other The (un) Grand Slam a disastrous board from the Fletcher Trophy [Display issues]
30/10/2008 Other A rabbit out of the hat - a successful board from the Fletcher Trophy [Display issues]
30/10/2008 Other A neat play from club night on October 23rd [Display issues]
21/10/2008 Other What a time to find a masterly deception... [Display issues]
21/10/2008 Other Easy to play, not so easy to bid... [Display issues]
19/09/2008 Board 13 Bid misfits cautiously [Display issues]
05/09/2008 Other Pre-empts and 'miracles' [Display issues]
05/09/2008 Other The Unlucky expert... [Display issues]
21/08/2008 Other Perfect for Exclusion... [Display issues]
21/08/2008 Board 13 Dodgy overcalls - and entries to Dummy [Display issues]
12/08/2008 Board 13 One No Trump and all that... [Display issues]
01/08/2008 Other Little hands can provide interest... [Display issues]
10/06/2008 Board 13 What does 4NT mean over the opponents' pre-emptive opening? [Display issues]
06/06/2008 Other Probably a problem... [Display issues]
06/06/2008 Other When the wheels come off ... land on your feet! A hand from the ECBA Gwen Herga Men's Pairs Championship [Display issues]
25/05/2008 Other Look after the 'pips'... [Display issues]
07/04/2008 Other More about (missed) alerts... [Display issues]
27/03/2008 Other A neat end-play - unfortunately it was missed! [Display issues]
27/03/2008 Board 13 A boring 1NT board ?? [Display issues]
14/02/2008 Board 13 A question of tricks [Display issues]
07/02/2007 Board 13 How on earth did that happen? [Display issues]
31/01/2008 Other Read the opening lead, plan accordingly [Display issues]
11/01/2008 Board 13 A real battle ... [Display issues]
06/01/2008 Board 13 Disciplined bidding.... [Display issues]
21/12/2007 Other Bid like Andrew Robson, lead like Zia Mahmood... [Display issues]
06/12/2007 Board 13 Win some, lose some... [Display issues]
29/11/2007 Other The "Train Wreck" [Display issues]
29/11/2007 Board 13 A Teacher's nightmare... [Display issues]
22/11/2007 Board 13 Fortune favours the brave [Display issues]
15/11/2007 Other Squeeze that extra trick... [Display issues]
08/11/2007 Board 13 Play with the odds - but defend well! [Display issues]
26/10/2007 Other A critical decision [Display issues]
23/10/2007 Other Featured hands from the National Crockfords Plate, provided by club member Tim Prior, a member of the winning team. [PDF Format]
18/10/2007 Other Is it the right king? [PDF Format]
18/10/2007 Board 13 Sweat and tears - probably! [Display issues]
11/10/2007 Other An unlikely contract... [Display issues]
04/10/2007 Board 13 Opening 1NT with a 5-card major [Display issues]
27/09/2007 Board 13 Bid well, defend well.. [Display issues]
20/09/2007 Board 13 You never know what will happen at other tables... [Display issues]
14/09/2007 Other He who hesitates is lost [Display issues]
14/09/2007 Board 13 Only eight high card points? [Display issues]
13/09/2007 Other The Precision 2 Clubs opening [Display issues]
06/09/2007 Board 13 Lessons from a part-score hand [Display issues]
21/08/2007 Other BIG HANDS PLEASE SIMPLE MINDS! From the Brighton Congress, 2007 [Display issues]
16/08/2007 Board 13 The textbooks are right! [Display issues]
09/08/2007 Board 13 NOT a featureless, easy hand... [Display issues]
02/08/2007 Board 13 Shuffle well... [Display issues]
26/07/2007 Board 13 Beware of false gifts... [Display issues]
19/07/2007 Board 13 Confessions of a Tournament Director [Display issues]
12/07/2007 Board 13 Inverted minor raises - and opening leads and signals! [Display issues]
28/06/2007 Board 13 Have a heart, partner [Display issues]
21/06/2007 Board 13 Match-pointed pairs, or Teams of Four? [Display issues]
14/06/2007 Board 13 Who wants a "par" result? [Display issues]
07/06/2007 Board 13 Bid boldly, play safe... [Display issues]
31/05/2007 Board 13 What is ten, nine, eight in a side-suit worth? [Display issues]
24/05/2007 Board 13 A defensive problem on a part-score board with a bad trump break [Display issues]
17/05/2007 Board 13 An effective pre-empt! [Display issues]
14/05/2007 Other Having high card points does not always lead to success [Display issues]
10/05/2007 Board 13 Get that all-important overtrick! [Display issues]
30/04/2007 Board 13 An excellent (potential) slam [Display issues]
30/04/2007 Other Sometimes a non-scientific approach works best [Display issues]
16/04/2007 Board 13 Pre-emptive openings [Display issues]
10/04/2007 Board 13 Opening 1NT with a 5-card suit - part 1 [Display issues]
10/04/2007 Board 13 Opening 1NT with a 5-card suit - part 2 [Display issues]
01/04/2007 Board 13 How to get an average score... [Display issues]
01/03/2007 Board 13 The importance of the two of diamonds... [Display issues]
22/02/2007 Board 13 What would you bid? [Display issues]
15/02/2007 Board 13 An awkward opening bid [Display issues]
01/02/2007 Board 13 Defence to 1NT - natural or otherwise? [Display issues]
25/01/2007 Board 13 Part-score interest [Display issues]
18/01/2007 Board 13 Another nightmare on Board 13... [Display issues]
12/01/2007 Other Hands played in the Mary Rogers Trophy (Jan 07) [PDF Format]
12/01/2007 Other Several interesting points! [Display issues]
11/01/2007 Board 13 How was this excellent slam bid? [Display issues]
04/01/2007 Board 13 Bid boldly, play safe! [Updated on 16/03/2013]
21/12/2006 Board 13 Missed chances! [Display issues]
21/12/2006 Board 13 Party tricks [Display issues]
14/12/2006 Board 13 The 'flat board' that wasn't very 'flat'! [Display issues]
13/12/2006 Other To double or not to double? PART 1: How to help Declarer! [Display issues]
13/12/2006 Other To double or not to double? PART 2: That'll teach you to bid on rubbish! [Display issues]
07/12/2006 Board 13 You never know what will happen at the other table(s)! [Updated on 16/03/2013]
30/11/2006 Board 13 A bidding challenge - and a card play challenge! [Updated on 09/03/2013]
23/11/2006 Board 13 All the best laid plans... [Updated on 09/03/2013]
11/11/2006 Other Hands played in the Windmill Trophy ( Nov 06), with commentary on 1-26 [PDF Format]
20/09/2006 Other A Dummy Reversal play [Updated on 09/03/2013]
02/06/2006 Other An unhappy 3NT contract [Created using LibreOffice]

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