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Message posted by Alaric Cundy on 16th November 2014 on behalf of The Tralee International Bridge Congress 2014

From Tuesday 30th December 2014 to Sunday January 4th 2015. Full brochure here
For more details please send an e-mail to nicky@bridgeireland.com

Message Updated by Alaric Cundy on 16th November 2014: RELAX IN THE OPEN AIR IN WICKFORD!!!

The Wick Country Park is an Open Space on the edge of Wickford where you and your family can enjoy a pleasant stroll - with or without the dog - or take in the abundant wildlife and interesting fauna. There are loads of activities at the park - see the 2014 Programme of Events or the website for more details. See also these links in particular for details of a WEEDING GROUP that may appeal to gardeners with a bit of time to spare. And if you are tempted by the thought of a guided stroll followed by FREE mince pies and mulled wine see the details here.

Message updated by Alaric Cundy on 26th March 2014 on behalf of the Wickford Wildlife Society

The Secretary for the Wickford Wildlife Societyhas asked me to advertise the Society as a group that is dedicated to studying wild-life, especially in the Wickford area and elsewhere in Essex. More details can be found on the website.

Message posted on 15/08/2013 on behalf of "Mr Bridge"

We have received the following message from "Mr Bridge":

"As part of an intensive reorganisation of my database, I have entered your details as a club contact or a bridge teacher or both, to receive copies of my monthly magazine BRIDGE. These should come regularly for the next fifteen months or so. Any of your club members who would like their own personal copy should register online or write to me at Ryden Grange requesting to be put on my mailing list and they will receive a recycled recent issue by return of post and occasional copies at least two or three times a year. Quote CT101. Should you need to raise funds for your club or for charity, I will be happy to supply second hand copies of Q Plus software for you to sell at 10 or more. These I can supply in envelopes of six for seven second class stamps to cover the cost of postage and handling. Quote CT101. Finally, I should remind you that I still offer my premium quality playing cards, 60 packs (30 blue, 30 red) for only 60 including postage. Barcoded cards for duplimate machines are offered at the same price. Quote CT101. Finally, don't forget to register for a quiz and a prize for the Christmas party. "

Note: Mountnessing Bridge Club usually sources its playing cards from Mr Bridge.

Message Posted by Alaric Cundy on 2nd April 2013: MOUNTNESSING VILLAGE NEWS

For the latest news from in and around the village of Mountnessing please visit this link.

Message posted by Alaric Cundy on January 26th 2011: FREECYCLE ORGANISATION

Have you heard about the 'Freecycle' organisation? For example, suppose you have a working fridge, but it is a bit old and too small for you, so you decide to upgrade. What do you do with the old one? Well, you could get the shop to collect it, but then it will probably finish up in landfill. Alternatively, you could advertise it on 'Freecycle' and the chances are that you will have several people eager to take it off your hands. The same goes for any other household item that still has life in it. Some people will take 'restoration projects'. the same goes the other way round, eg, your grandaughter is heading off to University and needs a fridge or a TV or... For more details see www.uk.freecycle.org. There is a group based in Billericay and in other local towns.

Message posted by Alaric Cundy on 8th November 2009: FOR AMUSEMENT

Thanks to Margaret Rastin for providing this amusing diversion. There is some question about the authenticity - but don't let a thought like that spoil your enjoyment. Click here to check whether you would pass your GCSE.

Message posted by Alaric Cundy, 17th July 2009: BILL GATES SPEECH

Whether you love or hate Bill Gates you would probably agree that he comes out with words of wisdom from time to time.  Read his politically incorrect message to a hall full of US school children here.

Message posted by Alaric Cundy, July 17th 2009: CARPENTER AVAILABLE

If you are looking for someone to undertake some carpentry then I know a man who could help you! Please e-mail alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk for details.

Message posted by David Piper, September 29th 2006: LOCALLY PRODUCED HONEY

Honey - locally produced by David Piper from hives in his own garden 2.80 per pound, runny or set. Tastes completely different from the rubbish you buy in shops, see him at the club most weeks

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