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This page includes notes, discussions, and resolutions on hands that have led to interesting judgement calls, or have been referred to an appeals committee. This page currently only dates back to November 2008, but as time permits older appeals and discussions may be written up and included here.

Hand Played Summary and link
23/05/2013 Failure to alert 'Fourth Suit Forcing'.
21/02/2013 More misinformation, but no adjustment.
10/01/2013 Costly misinformation.
22/11/2013 Misinformation - YES; Score adjustment - NO!!.
06/09/2012 When the material facts are disputed.
26/07/2012 A Hesitation followed by a pass doesn't always lead to a score adjustment.
26/07/2012 East / West "get lucky" after a mis-bid.
12/07/2012 Asking questions, then passing results in a score adjustment.
05/07/2012 An unnecessary (?) hesitation results in a score adjustment.
14/06/2012 The implications of a misbid of an artificial opening.
05/04/2012 Failed to alert a penalty double - but with a sting in the tail
28/07/2011 Hand played out with 51 cards
28/07/2011 What are the requirements for a 'Strong 2' opening? Clarification,...
16/04/2011 Unauthorised Information - a new twist,...
08/10/2009 Deviation - Capoletti, bid on a 5-card suit...
09/04/2009 More about Hesitations / Questions, followed by a pass...
19/03/2009 A misbid results in a good score
08/01/2009 Hesitation: it is not only partner of the 'hesitator' who can be put under pressure...
06/11/2008 Appeal Committee Ruling Incorrect explanation of opening bid.

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