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NEWS AND GOSSIP: May to July 2007

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Several members of Mountnessing Bridge Club had a successful outing to the Essex & Herts Green-pointed events in Stevenage on July 21st / 22nd 2007. Pride of place goes to Tessa Beer & Peter Oake, who finished second in the pairs; also, in the same event, John Williams & Neil Bresler tied with Linda Fleet and her partner in 7th place. Remember that John also won the equivalent event in Kent a few weeks ago, so he is really 'on a roll'. In the teams event, the team comprising Margaret Curtis, Ray Cornell, David Clark, & Ray Clarke finished 11th.


This note is just a reminder that your local points for the period April to June 2007 have been automatically credited to the EBU.& In fact, points from July 5th were accidentally included in the submission too. There is a hard copy summary record showing the points awarded for each week for each player on display each week at the club. For non-EBU members - and also, by mistake, for one or two other players - certificates have been printed, and these are available for collection on club nights. There is also a summary record for certificates printed on display on club nights.

You can check your current Master point standing via the EBU website - click on this link and when prompted enter your EBU number and the password as supplied to you by the EBU.


Many congratulations to club member John Williams, who, playing with David Cooper, won the Kent Green-Pointed Swiss pairs event on June 17th.

Please pass your views (Blue Section players especially):

On June 7th 2007 I used the 10-table "Double Hesitating Mitchell" movement in the Blue Section. Your comments are invited, please.

This movement has some advantages and some disadvantages compared with alternatives:

Potentially good points:
  • There are 8 stationary North / South pairs
  • Each pair plays 12 different opponents rather than 8
  • If there is a half table, some players will have a 2-board sit-out, but none will sit out three boards
  • The movement easily adapts to 11 tables if there are late arrivals - for that situation the 2-board per round movement is much more straightforward
  • The movement involves much less 'moving around' compared with the 10-table three quarters Howell that I usually deploy in the red section for ten tables
  • I almost invariably use a 2-board per round movement in the red section, and it is more convenient (though not essential) to have the same number of boards per round in both sections, so that the whole room moves at the same time.

Potentially bad points:

  • There are some "funny moves" for East / West pairs - though mostly the moves involve either a "twiddle" at the same table or go to next table. The worst move is to go to the "next but one" table
  • There are 12 moving pairs

What are the alternative (for ten tables)?

  • Play a simple 3-board per round Mitchell, but then there is the risk of a 3-board sit-out for some players if there is a half-table, so you may only play 7 other pairs / 21 boards.
  • Play a 'double feed' Mitchell, 2-boards per round. This movement involves TWO revenge rounds, and if there is a half table, you could get a revenge round against the phantom pair... With a half-table, many players would experience a 2-board sit-out but two pairs would experience two 2-board sit-outs
I had some very mixed reactions at the end of the evening - with those players I spoke to tending to be polarised as either "love it" or "hate it". Please give me your views, by phone or e-mail to alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk.


Members will have noticed that there was a question about the occasional play of teams of four competitions on club nights on the membership renewal forms for 2007/8. The degree of support was very low, so the idea has been dropped for the time being.


The national results from this event are now finalised. Congratulations to Ray Clarke & Ray Cornell and to Maureen Vede & Arthur Fifield, who won presentation pens as (nationally scored) local heat winners. Congratulations also to Angela & Bill West and Maureen Robinson & Phil Laurence who scored sufficiently highly on the national rankings to earn 'green' points.

Simultaneous Pairs, April 12th 2007:

The national results are now available, along with the Local Point certificates, which can be collected on club night. Presentation pens are available for the heat winners (based on national scores) :Peter Oake & Tessa Beer and Peter Williamson & Derek Stewart.

Peter Oake & Tessa Beer and Linda Fleet & David Tennet qualified to win 'Green' points.

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