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Working together to ensure the future of Bridge Clubs in the Brentwood & Billericay Area

Hutton Bridge Club (Monday), Mayflower Bridge Club (Tuesday), St Edith's Lane Bridge Club (Wednesday), Mountnessing Bridge Club (Thursday)

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Affiliated to the Essex Contract Bridge Association and to the English Bridge Union


Significant developments will be highlighted here as and when they happen.

Posted 18/11/2013

Apologies for the lack of recent updates to these pages - which as likely as not will have created an impression that 'nothing is happening'. The current state of play is that discussions have been ongoing since August concerning one of the three options that emerged from a meeting held in June - please see the 'Meetings' page. The good news is that this suggestion is arguably the most promising considered to date; the bad news is that the timetable is out of our control, and progress is frustratingly slow. We are waiting for a critical meeting to be arranged, and thereafter, we will either be able to present details of the approach - or, if things go wrong, move on to other possible approaches that are still on 'the back-burner'.

Posted 26/06/2013

Please see the 'Meetings' page for recent developments.

Posted 11/06/2013

Please see the 'meetings' page for actions from a project meeting held today,

Posted 26/03/2013

Please see the 'Meetings' page for news about developments with Teaching Sessions.

Posted 25/02/2013

Notes from a project meeting held on February 15th are now available via the 'Meetings' page. Key proposals emerging from this meeting will be presented to members of several of the clubs involved in this project during March.

Posted 15/12/2012

Following on from the contact with the Brentwood Borough Council, as reported on November 26th, Theo Todman and Alaric Cundy met with the Chief Executive of the Brentwood Leisure Centre on November 29th. That meeting proved to be a catalyst for a significant amount of activity over the past three weeks, which has now been reported on the Premises, Finance and Operations pages on this website - the links to those pages are in the bar above. Please do look at the detail that was posted on December 15th on those three pages. The Project Team invite comments and criticism from all members of the four clubs, which you can do either through the Comments Pad link in the green bar above, or by sending an e-mail to the contacts listed on the 'your views count' page, or by dropping a note to the project convenors.

Posted 26/11/2012

Recent Telephone Conversation

Some months ago, an article appeared in the local press that said that Brentwood Borough Council were planning to let some of the space at the Town Hall to local community groups. See the 'Premises' page through the link above for more details.

Seeking a grant

We are quite clear that the 'purchase' option will only be viable if we are able to win a grant from one of the many organisations that offer funding support to local community projects. See the 'Finance Issues' page through the link above for more details.

Charitable Status

We have received some useful supporting material from the EBU, which we are currently studying.

Posted 11/11/2012, updated 15/11/2012

Visit to Southend & Leigh Club, 09/11/2012

John Peacock, Carol McCue, David Tennet and Alaric Cundy visited Southend & Leigh Club, which bought its own premises and opened them in March 1969. Many useful tips and comments arose from that visit - please see the 'Meetings' and 'Finance Issues' pages, which are both accessible through links in the bar above.

Posted 26/09/2012 [Updated 01/11/2012]

During the past week, members of the project group have held a series of meetings / conversations with representatives or members from other clubs, most of which operate from their own premises. Updates have been posted today under a number of headings - please click on the links above as appropriate. In particular, we have picked up valuable comments about:
  • The value of a 'host' system, and how one should be organised - see details here [posted 26/09/2012, second bullet]
  • How teaching sessions might be managed - see details here [posted 26/09/2012, Notes from a conversation with Graham Randall from Southend & Leigh Bridge Club]
  • Useful financial pointers concerning set up costs, and ongoing running costs should a rented option be adopted - see details here [posted 26/09/2012]
  • The value of multi-year membership deals - see details here [posted 26/09/2012 Notes from a conversation with a member of Welwyn Garden City Bridge Club]

Posted 08/09/2012

From the meeting held on 05/09/2012

Please see the detailed notes on other pages. There emerged several specific requests - please contact us if you have comments or suggestions to offer:
  • Any new organisation that might emerge from this project would need a strong leader with good administrative skills. Can you think of anyone who might be interested in that role, e.g., yourself....??? [Operations page]
  • Our new 'strong leader' will also need the support of an effective club management team, many of whom might currently be members of the management team of one or more of the local clubs. Are you interested? [Operations page]
  • We are hoping that any new organisation would 'grow' a strong community spirit, by distributing duties within the club around as many members as possible. Such 'helpers' need not be full committee members, but might offer to take on some specific role within the club, e.g., key-holder manager. [Operations page]
  • Would you be interested in becoming a 'Club Teacher' following the EBU model, which offers formal teacher training, based on the well-researched and tested Bridge for All teaching materials? ['Finance' page]
  • Do you like the sound of the outline 'specification' that we have put forward for the new premises? Can you spot anything that needs to be revised or added? [Premises page]

Posted 14/08/2012

We are very pleased to report that Theo Todman has agreed to join the Steering Group.

There is a significant gender imbalance in the group - can we persuade any ladies to join us?

Posted 13/08/2012

The on-line 'Comments Pad' is now live on this website - please click on the 'Comments Pad' link above to read posted messages and / or to post your own comments.

Posted 07/08/2012

This website went live to set out the current state of play of the Project. Please see the other pages for further details.

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