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NEWS AND GOSSIP: April 2011 to June 2011

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Posted 24/06/2011 - Trophy Presentation

As reported on the 'Club Honours' page, a team representing Mountnessing won the Essex Invitational Helliar Trophy in February. The trophy was made available to the club at the Essex AGM in May. Now that it has been engraved, Alaric presented the trophy to the winning team: Fran Alexander, Dennis Valtisiaris, Frank Morrison and Paul Mollison. In total, this was the seventh time that Mountnessing has won this trophy. Alaric presents to Fran, Dennis, Frank and Paul

Posted 27/05/2011 - Simultaneous Pairs successes

Club members Chris megahey & Alaric Cundy finished 18th in the national rankings of the BGB Sim Pairs held last month and shared a winners cheque in addition to heat winner pens. Club members Linda Fleet & David Tennet and visitors Helen McVeigh & Graham Allen also finished high enough to earn Green Points

Posted 13/05/2011 - NICKO successes

Congratulations to the Mountnessing Team comprising Peter Oake, David Clark, Ray Clarke, Simon Moorman, & Ian Moss, which has won through to the 5th Round (last 16) of the NICKO Plate!

Going one better, club members Steve Cade-Bowyer and Graham Foster, playing as part of a Thorpe Bay team, have won through to round 6 of the main event - having just beaten a team that included International standard players!

Posted 13/05/2011 - PSYCHE REPORTS

A full psyche was reported at the club on May 5th. A minor psyche - technically called a Deviation - was recorded on May 12th. Please see the updated psyche book for details (MBC username and password required).

Posted 13/05/2011 - EBU News

The latest issue of the on-line EBU magazine Tournament Focus can be accessed via a link on the EBU Links page.

Posted 10/05/2011 - Successes for Mountnessing members in Essex events, 2010/2011

The Essex AGM was held on May 7th 2011, and a number of Mountnessing members received trophies and awards. Pride of place goes to Jill Tattersfield, who won the Ladies' section of the Eve Goblets award as the most successful woman player taken over all the Essex events. Please see a complete list here.

Posted 09/05/2011 - Collier Row Swiss Teams

A team that included club members Chris Megahey & Alaric Cundy won the Collier Row Swiss Teams event on May 8th. Club members Linda Fleet and David Tennet played in the team that finished second.

Posted 23/04/2011 - Trophy Presentation

Alaric presented the two ladder trophies for the 2010/11 season to the winners, Catriona Lovett (Faye Wernick Trophy) and Alan Eames (Lionel Wernick Trophy) at club night on April 21st. The full final standings are available here. Catriona & Alan with their trophies

Posted 22/04/2011 - Results April 21st

Regrettably last night the movement went slightly awry. Originally I had 11 tables, so the room was set up accordingly. An extra pair slipped in very late, so the movement changed to 11.5 (i.e., 12) tables. Both these movements involve a relay - but the relay moves between the two movements. It appears that I played the 12 table movement with the 11 table relay!!??!! Amazingly, the movement worked out - we were destined to have each East / West Pair playing one board-set twice. By fortune, they actually encountered that board set at the sit-out table. I am 100% confident that the scores for all stationary pairs are correct - but please could all moving pairs verify that their scores are also correct? Apologies for the confusion.

Posted 07/04/2011 (amended 22/04/2011) - ESSEX CBA News

Please note that the notice of the AGM on Saturday May 7th at Little Baddow, and the Summer Programme can both be downloaded from the Essex website. This is just a reminder that all members of MBC are automatically also members of the Essex Contract Bridge Association. If you plan to attend the Essex AGM on May 7th please visit the Essex Website for an important message concerning confirmation of your intentions.

Posted 07/04/2011 - Computer Generated Hands!

Thanks to all members and visitors who sent in comments. Please note that the new arrangements will come into effect from April 7th 2011.Read about the outcome here.

Posted 01/04/2011 - 2010/11 Ladder Championships

Both ladder championships - The Faye Wernick Trophy for Ladies, and The Lionel Wernick Trophy for Men - were decided on the last session of the 2010/11 club year, ie on 31/03/2011.

Going into the last night, the Men's ladder was a clear-cut issue: Alan Eames was in pole position, but he was away, so his score was a fixed point. Realistically only one player had a chance of catching Alan - but that was a very good chance! Alan's regular partner, John Sutcliffe, was playing with a less familiar partner, Dennis Valtisiaris, and John's mission was clear-cut: he needed to score better than 61.63%. In situations like that, there are always some ifs and buts, but in the event, John fell fractionally short of his aim, on 59.09%, so Alan was crowned champion in his absence.

The Ladies' Ladder was also a nail-biting situation. Catriona Lovett had headed the charts for many months, but last year's runner up, Lorraine Butler , had been catching up fast, and on the last night all it needed for Lorraine to snatch the title was a substantial gap between their scores. Indeed, at first sight it looked as though Lorraine had done enough, scoring 63.45% to Catriona's 51.70%, but a technicality of the ladder rules came into play and Catriona just held off. The rules allow members who play at the club very regularly to gain a 'bonus' by 'dropping off' bad scores. To gain maximum advantage, a member needs to play at the club 40 times in a year, and Catriona just notched up session number 40 on the last night. This rule is a bit like the schemes some supermarkets run from time to time - "Spend 50 and get 5 off your next bill." Lorraine had already passed that milestone some weeks back, and she had no more 'bonuses' to gain. So all that means that we have two completely new names on the trophies for 2010/11.

The final ladder tables for 2010/11 can be viewed here.

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