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NEWS AND GOSSIP: July 2011 to November 2011

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Posted on 05/11/2011 - Nothing to do with Bridge, but...

Original club owner / director Lionel Wernick recently had his photo in the national press alongside the Duchess of Cambridge for his work in relation to one of the Prince of Wales' charities. Please see the scanned newspaper article (copyright Daily Telegraph) for details.

Posted on 25/11/2011 - Next Teams of Four

We have now entered the 'Winter Close Season' for Teams of Four events, since experience shows that the competing demands of League and Cup matches makes it difficult to raise enough interest. Please click here for details of the next scheduled Teams of Four in April 2012.

Posted on 24/11/2011 - VUBRIDGE

Though Mountnessing Bridge Club takes no responsibility for the contents of the site, members and visitors may find that the "VuBridge" website holds interest. It features interesting deals, etc.

Posted on 26/08/2011 - Rules and regulations...

It is perhaps quite sad that the game of Bridge has become so embroiled in rules and regulations, and all the more so that these rules are regularly updated. In some ways those rules can be 'stifling', but on the other hand, without any rules, chaos could ensue.

According to the historians, standardisation of the laws and regulations stemmed from some very famous incidents back in the 1960s, when two top England Internationals Terrence Rees & Boris Shapiro were accused of 'cheating' in the World Championships. So what do we mean by 'cheating'? The rest, as they say, is history... and the result is The Laws of Duplicate Bridge 2007 - supplemented by the Handbook of EBU Directives and Permitted Agreements - better known as "The Orange Book". An interesting incident involving interpretation of the 'rules' arose at the club on July 28th - see the Appeals and Rulings page (user name and password required).

Posted on 19/08/2011 - BRIGHTON CONGRESS

Congratulations to club members who featured prominently in the rankings for the Championship Pairs event as follows. Out of the 358 entries: Margaret Curtis (35th), Theo Todman (equal 40th), David Clark (53rd), and John Sutcliffe & Chris Megahey (equal 92nd).

Posted on 05/08/2011 - Message from the EBU

We are pleased to announce the publication of the summer issue of Club Focus, the EBU Newsletter especially tailored for club committee members, tournament directors, scorers and anyone else involved in the administration of an EBU-affiliated bridge club. Please visit the EBU Links page to access it.

Posted 02/08/2011 - Trophy Presentation

On club night on July 28th 2011, Alaric presented the Summer Trophy to the winners, Len Williams and Roger Bacon - a trophy that they won on July 14th. The full rankings from the event can be viewed here. Alaric presents the Summer Trophy to Roger 
		and Len

Posted 22/07/2011 - Club night, July 14th

My most sincere apologies for the chaos on the 14th and the high noise levels. The movement was actually "scientific", and basically a good way of playing 26 boards around 16 tables - however, clearly the movement details on the table cards were not right. The movement ensured that each board was played 15 times - which gives a much better comparison between the pairs. This movement will NOT be deployed again until it has been 'cleaned up'; it can in any event only be used when I have TWO sets of duplicated boards available, which is a very rare occurrence.

Posted 01/07/2011 - Successes for Mountnessing members in Essex events, 2010/2011

The last of the Essex events for the 2010/11 season has now been completed - and as a result we add to the honours list for MBC members! The League Cup was won by Catriona Lovett, Mike Harbour, John Sutcliffe & Alan Eames. Please see a complete list of successes by Mountnessing members in Essex events in 2010/11 here.

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