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NEWS AND GOSSIP: September 07 to April 08

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Posted April 2008: (Another) TROPHY PRESENTATION

The winners of the Peter Seaton Trophy (Men's Pairs) - Les Curtis and David Piper - were presented with their trophy on March 13th. Click here for a full listing of the results. Les and Dave - winners of the Peter Seaton Trophy (Men's Pairs)

Posted February 2008: TROPHY PRESENTATION

Alaric presented the Mary Rogers Trophy to the winners Peter Oake and Alan Green. Full results are available through this link.
Alan and Peter with The Mary Rogers Trophy

Posted February 2008 / revised April 2008: SUCCESS FOR CLUB MEMBER IN ENGLAND TRIALS!

Congratulations to club member Nicole Cook, who was lying in 4th position after the first weekend of the Lady Milne Trials for the Women's team to represent England in this year's Camrose Trophy. The trials are now over and Nicole finished SIXTH


Local points awarded at the club have been directly credited for EBU members - including for visitors to Mountnessing Bridge Club. Your updated record will be available via the EBU Website via this link after 1 a.m. on January 3rd 2008; you will be asked for your EBU number and the password supplied to you by the EBU. A summary record will be on display at the club throughout January. If you want a personal record of your LP awards from the club, showing your awards week by week since April 2007, please contact me at alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk.

For non-members of the EBU, certificates have been printed and they will be available for collection on club nights. Remember also that points awarded nationally for events such as Simultaneous Pairs are provided via printed certificates - many such certificates from the Autumn events are still available for collection.


Alaric presented the Windmill Trophy to the winners Ray Clarke and Simon Moorman. The competition was held on November 29th - see this link or the full results. Simon & Ray with the Windmill Trophy


Further to comments raised by a number of club members, a new club rule has been introduced. Unless there is very good cause, if your phone rings audibly during play you will be 'fined' two match points, and the 'penalty' rises to an additional 4 match points if it happens twice in the same session.


Club member David Tennet told me about the following situation that occurred at the Middlesex Congress in the Swiss Teams.

"I was sitting E so our opponents were sitting N/S. Finishing a particular board we passed it on and took our hands from the next one. My partner and I bid to 2 which was passed out. I was Declarer and when the dummy went down I noticed that both dummy and I had only one spade each. I admit this did puzzle me slightly. I played the first three tricks winning all three and was about to play the fourth when we were approached by the next table, asking for the North hand from the previous board. We looked surprised until we noticed that the north hand for the board we were playing was still in the wallet. North was still playing the hand, for a second time, from the previous board!!!"


The national rankings for the David Boston Simultaneous Pairs can now be viewed via this link [ Dec 2010 update: the page is no longer available.]

I plan to raise issues with this event at the next Essex C.B.A. Committee Meeting (at whose request the event was run at MBC). Some members have already contacted me (via alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk) with comments - please feel free to do likewise.

The club raised a total of 186 towards the charity collection associated with the David Boston event on October 25th 2007. After deduction of costs, the total amount donated to St Luke's Hospice in Basildon from the participating clubs in Essex was 809.71


I am delighted to be able to report that club member TIM PRIOR was a member of the team (D & J Keen, M Foster & Tim Prior) that won the National Crockfords Plate Final last week, playing against a team of full Welsh international players (P Jourdain, T Ratcliff, M Tedd, and G Davis). For more details - including some hands from the competition - please see a link on the Featured Hands page. One of these deals shows an excellent example of the defending technique known as 'the surround play'.

LOCAL POINTS - 12/07/2007 to 27/09/2007 INCLUSIVE

Local Points have been uploaded to the EBU for the above period for EBU members - for both both members and non-members of Mountnessing Bridge Club. Paper certificates have been printed for non EBU members and they will be available for collection on club nights. A summary sheet will be posted at the club alongside the weekly results.

EBU members can view their updated record via the EBU website - click on this link and when prompted enter your EBU number and the password provided to you by the EBU. Both members and non-members of MBC can receive by e-mail a cumulative personal record of points earned at Mountnessing since April 2007 - please e-mail me at alaric@mountnessingbridgeclub.org.uk if you wish to receive such a record.

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